The Commissioning Of Paste And Fill Plant And The 2021 Guidance Revision Dominate Golden Star Resources Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: GSS) Latest Updates

Golden Star Resources Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: GSS) has provided its most recent updates. It seems to be dominated by details regarding the commissioning of the company’s paste and fill plant. The other outstanding details revolve around the company’s 2021 guidance revision. The references made in this particular case are based on the United States dollar.

Focusing on the most important highlights

This company witnessed a significant drop in production guidance, something that analysts have described as a disappointing outcome. Golden Star Resources doesn’t like the outcome as well. Still, it acknowledges the continued step up in development rates, which deems to be an essential aspect of the positive progress at Wassa. The company looks forward to better times ahead where it succeeds at resolving several issues of concern. Its focus lies squarely in its planned stope filling sequence set to happen in Q4.

The Covid-19 impact

The company has also been quick to speak out about it, focusing mainly on its developmental rates. However, it is pleased about its management’s team agreement towards channeling some heavy resources to facilitate the toning down of the Covid-19 impact.

The company happens to be among those that almost ground to a halt following the deadly pandemic outbreak. Its impact remains, but its determination is easy to see considering its moves towards making matters better in line with the Covid-19 impact. The company outlines that it has already started witnessing positive results arising from its recent efforts.

The company’s chief executive officer, who also happens to be its president Andrew Wray opines, “The longer-term growth potential of Wassa remains intact, and much of the work to support that continues to progress successfully in parallel with the resolution of these short-term challenges.”

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