The Delivery of the Last of Process Modules for Hydrogen Plant by ENGlobal Corporation (NASDAQ: ENG)

In the last couple of months, ENGlobal Corporation (NASDAQ: ENG) has experienced increased fabrication activities in the construction of hydrogen production. And the result is the delivery of the last 24 process modules, which will be used to complete the unit located on an 800 acre-plus site in Hugoton, Kansas.  The hydrogen project has been running for 18 months alongside another engineering, detailed design, and automation. 

With fully integrated, multi-disciplinary capabilities, ENGlobal provides complete project solutions for renewable and traditional energy. The Corporation’s hydrogen unit is the first in the United States to use a copyrighted high-efficiency HTCRTM (Haldor Topsoe Convection Reformer).  Since its establishment in 1985, the company has tremendous experience in syngas production, renewable fuels and renewable energy industry, water engineering, power industry, and engineering services with government contractors. 

Delivery of Projects on Budget and on Time

“…by designing and fabricating in a modular fashion, ENGlobal can achieve greater control over its costs and schedule,” Bruce Williams, ENGlobal senior vice president, reported. The company has several upcoming projects to deliver, and they believe that this green energy technology will facilitate timely delivery. President Roger Westerlind adds that they have heightened their marketing efforts and aggressively pursuing additional green energy projects after a year-long period of putting things on hold due to COVID – 19. 

The most notable role green energy technology will play is in helping produce plentiful renewable fuel and, in return, decrease carbon footprint. From humble beginnings, today, ENGlobal is an international organization. The company is always seeking to improve and is now looking forward to offering innovative renewable solutions from which it can scoop from $20 million to over $120 million in revenue.  Its core values include quality at every step, teamwork, integrity, accountability, commitment to health, safety, and the environment. 

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