The Pop and Drop of SDS, ZOM, BYFC, SENS

The four stocks we talk about here are trading publicly on NASDAQ and NYSE. Why did they pop or drop in the market yesterday? Let’s have a look. 

ProShares UltraShort S&P500 (NYSEARCA: SDS) rebounds after a month

SDS has finally broken the spell of the red zone and has moved up 1.59% to close at $8.92. The stock moved within the range of $8.90 – $9.06 throughout the day. Over the year, the stock has been moving in the $8.77 – $19.09 vicinity. Since the last month, the stock has been down 5.11%. Yesterday though, it gained 14 cents and had 294K shares exchanged in the market. The market capitalization of this company is $184.61 million. 

Zomedica Corp (NYSEAMERICAN: ZOM) drops on Thursday’s session

ZOM saw a drop of 3.43% and exited at $0.71 after moving through the range of $0.70 – $0.77 on Thursday. The 52-week run of this stock is $0.063 – $2.91. 60K shares were exchanged at the end of hours yesterday compared with the average trading volume of 35.16 million. On July 7, the company had shared its corporate update. 

Broadway Financial Corp (NASDAQ: BYFC) continues with the bullish run

Since the beginning of this year, BYFC has moved up 54.77%. In last month alone, there has been a 17.11% hike in the stock. So the investors are in for some good profits. On Thursday, the stock continued its bullish run and remained in the green zone. There was an increase of 12.82% yesterday as the stock closed at $3.08 after moving in the range of $2.85 – $3.58. the 52-week run of this stock is $1.41 – $3.95. BYFC comes with a market capitalization of $134.38 million. 

Senseonics Holdings Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: SENS) moved north

The insulin monitor manufacturer, Senseonics stock, has moved north 7.69% on Thursday’s session. This meme stock gained 24 cents and exited the market at $3.36 after trading within the range of $2.83 – $3.36. The 52-week run of this stock is $0.35 – $5.56. At the end of the session, 413K shares were exchanged in the market compared with its average trading volume of 47.07 million shares.

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