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Tinder Empower Daters To Book A Lyft Ride for Their Date

Adding cherry to dating, Tinder is partnering with Lyft Inc (NASDAQ:LYFT) to enable its members to impress their date by gifting their partner a Lyft ride directly through the Tinder app, making it easier for them to meet in person. This flagship product feature will expedite Tinder and Lyft’s shared customers’ ease into making new connections IRL again.

So when can you gift your date a Lyft ride?

Tinder didn’t give a precise date for the rollout of the new feature. However, having said that the feature is meant for “post-lockdown daters,” daters can make use of this feature after lockdown through their Lyft app. The story doesn’t end here. Daters can also send a thoughtful gesture of sending a Lyft. More exciting features and exclusive perks are set to roll out in the coming months.

These peculiarities will enable both the apps to boost customer engagement as consumers look to resume in-person dating and ride-hailing.

What More?

Thanks to this partnership, Tinder members will also be bestowed with Lyft’s innovative in-ride safety features like sharing their location with family & friends and silent request assistance through Emergency Help, supported by ADT, while on their journey.

Tinder is not new in offering exalted services to its customers. For instance, in March, Tinder said it would conduct 1,000 COVID-19 tests so that 500 couples could go on a date. Moreover, Tinder also partnered with Love Island, one of the UK’s leading dating reality series. By swiping right on a branded card, this merge enables users apply for the upcoming series, and showcase their profiles to the casting team of the show for review.

The partnership

The partnership that Tinder & Lyft mention as a “first-of-its-kind” is the product of their increased interest in dating thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine drive that enabled daters to venture to find the right partner just like the pre-pandemic period. Tinder’s bios – “go on a date” recorded an all-time high in February, on the flip side, Lyft’s weekly ridership volume breached the pre-pandemic record.

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