Transocean Ltd (NYSE: RIG) Announces its Quarterly Fleet Status Report

Transocean Ltd (NYSE: RIGrecently issued its quarterly Fleet Status Report. It provides the contact information for and the current status of Transocean’s offshore drilling fleet.

The quarter’s report released includes:

  • Deepwater Invictus- Where a customer exercised one well solution in the United State’s Gulf of Mexico
  • Deepwater Skyros- Where a customer practiced a 370-day solution in Angola
  • Discoverer Inspiration- Where a 9-well contract awarded in the United State’s Gulf of Mexico
  • Petrobras 10,000- Where a 2-year contract awarded in Brazil
  • Deepwater Nautilus- Two one-well options
  • Deepwater Nautilus- One-well contract awarded
  • Transocean Norge – A 4-well contract award in Norway, as well as five 1-well options
  • Transocean Spitsbergen- Where a customer can exercise two 1 well solutions in Norway
  • Transocean Barents- Convenient termination of a contract in Norway
  • Transocean Barents- A 2-well contract award in Norway

As of 21st July, the total backlog of Transocean is roughly $7.3 billion.

What Transocean is all about

Transocean is a top-notch international company that provides offshore-drilling services for gas and oil wells. Transocean concentrates on technically demanding industries of the worldwide offshore drilling space, focusing on harsh environs and ultra-deepwater drilling services. It also uses incredibly versatile drills. The company owns and operates ten harsh environment floaters and twenty-seven ultra-deepwater floaters, making up thirty-seven offshore drilling units. In addition to all this, the company is also developing two ultra-deepwater drillships.

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