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Trimble Inc. (NASDAQ:TRMB) To Facilitate Efficient Supply Chain Management In The Wood Supply Sector With The New Solution

The wood supply sector is one who still uses antiquated systems, something Trimble Inc. (NASDAQ:TRMB) wants to change. According to a news release, the firm is introducing a set of solutions that will facilitate better and efficient supply chain. Notably, the firm is offering cloud-based platforms that will automate much of the process in the sector.

Supply for wood outstrips demand

According to a global lumber outlook analysis, the global demand for wood went up by 2.1% last year. Further, 2019 is likely to see higher demand even as China records a slowing economy. This is because the country consumes much of the wood in global supply. Interestingly, the outlook estimates that supply will also increase by about 2.4% this year, which is much more than demand. However, the presence of smart technologies to facilitate this trade will determine the figures by the end of 2019.

Notably, Trimble is providing Connected Forest Business (CFB) and Connected Forest™ Xchange (CFX). These two solutions operate over the cloud, which implies that users can access them anywhere, from any device. Further, it connects stakeholders in the wood supply industry in a way that is more efficient and real time.

The solutions to integrate portfolio

Notably, the solutions will provide a platform on which stakeholders can access all data relevant to a given product. Notably, users will be able to access financial statements and even initiate and manage collaborations in the business. Notably, the platform provides vital means for managing the whole process that woods go through. This is to say that users will be able to monitor the process from planting to factory processing of harvested trees.

Besides, users will be able to upload data or even import it from elsewhere in real-time. Further, one will be able to view all the important people in a supply chain and their activity. All these ensure that there is minimal to no paperwork, which means errors are minimal. Automation takes most of the process from human hands, hence reduction of human error.

Ken Moen, a general manager at Trimble, said, “Our goal is to integrate our portfolio of services to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions to enable them to gain greater efficiencies and improve productivity in their operations.”

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