TRxADE Health Inc (NASDAQ: MEDS) has Inked a Telemedicine Deal with Winn-Dixie

TRxADE Health Inc (NASDAQ: MEDSis an integrated healthcare, drug procurement, and delivery platform that recently announced that it had inked a Telemedicine Deal with Southeastern Grocers via its digital healthcare subsidiary Bonum Health. Southeastern Grocers Inc is the parent company of Fresco y Mas, Harvey’s Supermarket, and Winn-Dixie grocery stores, and it’s got retail stores across the five states of Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

Bonum will provide Fresco y Mas, Harvey’s, and Winn-Dixie’s patients with prescription discount savings and affordable telemedicine service by offering its Mobile Health Services prescriber and application program. This program has more than six hundred board-certified healthcare professionals working under it. The partnership will also offer the patients of Harvey’s and Winn-Dixie access to Bonum’s prescription discount savings via the Telemedicine application. According to the Hospital Review by Becker, roughly 5.4 million people in America couldn’t keep their health insurance in 2020 (mainly between February and May of the same year). Most of this was because of coronavirus-related job losses and layoffs. This is an unsettling trend across the United States, where people without health insurance have risen by around 21%. In the Winn-Dixie states, the uninsured represent a total average of about 22% of all the consumers across Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida.

Southeastern Grocers’ VP of Pharmacy, Gayle Shields, said that this partnership would help provide them with a patient-ready, deeply discounted, fully-integrated digital healthcare option that will offer eligible customers the chance to access a board-certified healthcare professional. She further stated that Bonum would help them diversify their community and in-store digital healthcare solutions as they offer discounted Telemedicine.

Bonum’s President, Ashton Maaraba, said how proud they were of having the chance to support Fresco y Mas, Harvey’s, and Winn-Dixie pharmacy community and retail store. He further stated that collaborating with Winn-Dixie would allow them to drive a seamless, easily accessible, and deeply discounted digital healthcare strategy.    

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