Trxade Health Inc (NASDAQ: MEDS) Pronounces The Unveiling Of Its Medcheks App

The stock of Trxade Health Inc (NASDAQ: MEDS) decreased by a margin of 19.79 % to eventually stand at $6.67. The company speaks about its MedCheks subsidiary and its recently unveiled App. It is the Health Passport App, and all the interested parties can go ahead and download it from the iOS App Store.

The app’s capabilities¬†

The initial entails the installation of the MedCheks app on a user’s iOS device. This newly developed app has enhanced capabilities, one of them being the generation of a QR code that useful in showcasing health records.¬†

One can access test results that could be useful in helping her/her enter a restricted establishment or country. It could also be an instance when one needs to offer proof in a particular mode of transportation. The protocols would require the person in question to present verification details, and that is where the newly developed app comes in handy.

The company strives to lead the way in helping its product users enjoy all the benefits that pull along with utilizing technological advancements. It is the reason it falls in the category of the many progressive companies that have impeccable next-gen technology portfolios.

The app and its usefulness in the Covid-19 era

The world has gotten to the point of relying heavily on advanced and cost-effective digital healthcare applications, and the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic increased the need. The world’s economy needs to re-open, which is why governments have been channeling their efforts towards finding working solutions for the healthcare sector.¬†

The President of MedCheks, James Ram, applauds their app for the impact it is about to spark in supporting the economy. He believes that a large section of governments and business owners will enjoy peace of mind in utilizing their apps. He describes MedCheks app features as rather intuitive and quite easy to use.

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