TUPY SA, Westport Fuel Systems Inc (NASDAQ: WPRT), & AVL Join Hands to Develop Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

Tupy SA, Westport Fuel Systems Inc (NASDAQ: WPRT), and AVL List GmbH join hands to develop a highly productive hydrogen internal combustion engine. The engine will be used for heavy goods transportation. The collaboration will couple casting technologies & advanced materials with the latest hydrogen internal combustion engine technology by leveraging high-pressure direct injection.

The Cell

A promising energy carrier for carbon-neutral heavy-duty transportation applications, Hydrogen boosts fuel cells. In addition to that, Hydrogen also offers fast refuelling. Compared to fuel cell technology, hydrogen ICEs leverages base engine technology for carbon-neutral transportation. To enhance efficiency & boost fuel of spark ignited hydrogen ICEs’ fuel consumption, AVL, TUPY, & Westport will together develop high-pressure direct injection hydrogen internal combustion engine. 

The Partnership

Machining technologies, superior materials, & casting technologies are required while dealing with high firing pressures. The largest independent company for testing, development, & simulation in the automotive industry in the world, AVL with the Graz University of Technology, completed the AVL Hydrogen Engine development. Westport Fuel Systems, a global leader in alternative fuel, low emission transportation technologies, successfully run heavy-duty hydrogen internal combustion engines using high-pressure direct injection. By 2022, the results of the joint program will be revealed.

Developing Economical & Carbon-Free Transport Solutions

Fernando de Rizzo, CEO of TUPY, said that collaborating with universities & customers enables them to play a vital part in decarbonization. He also said that they are studying new machining materials & geometries to enhance the performance of low carbon fuels. By joining hands with AVL & Westport, TUPY, a world-leading specialist in casting & machining of highly engineered structural components, will develop an economical and carbon-free transport solution. 

David M. Johnson, CEO of Westport Fuel Systems, said that by joining hands with AVL & TUPY, they would enhance the H2 HPDI solution and meet the efficiency & performance demands in the market. 

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