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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Considered The Acquisition Of Clubhouse For A Deal Worth $4 Billion

It was recently that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) delved into acquisition talks with Clubhouse in a deal worth $4 billion. The concerned parties anticipated the deal to be closed but moved contrary to plans. The talks came to a sudden halt, sparking uncertainty. Journalists have made efforts to get in touch with the involved parties to explain the matter, but they couldn’t get anything because they remained tight-lipped. It is a matter that has left speculations cutting across over why the talks stalled.

Clubhouse’s growth

Clubhouse has, over the years, built an excellent reputation, standing out from the rest as one of the most remarkable platforms that make it possible for users to host their online radio shows. Most of the listeners admitted to having tuned in and enjoyed the various interviews aired live. The shows also consist of panel discussions that allow participants to be part of the live chats.

It might strike most people as a significant setback that the talks didn’t yield desirable outcomes. Most persons had been growing overly confident over the striking of a deal between the two, something that didn’t materialize.

Clubhouse focuses on a new plan that will enable it to get funding. It hopes to succeed in its quest to hit its $4 billion target.

The app’s vibrancy

Over the previous year, the app’s unveiling was a significant step in helping users in need of hosting live audio conversations. It is a shift that inspires more people to engage in hosting such shows and making the undertaking rather popular.

Sources show major personalities, including tech Chief executives, celebrities, and regular people, to tune in and engage in heated conversations. The other outstanding development has to do with the many people that have downloaded the app. Sources show the figures standing at about 10 million, which is quite encouraging for a pretty new app.

Twitter discloses details about its progress in testing an audio chatroom feature called Spaces. The company says that it has been a slow process unveiling the feature but is impressed about its steps over a few months.

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