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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Could Soon Add Edit Button To Remove Misleading Or Controversial Information In Tweets

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) lost 1.94% in the last trading session and closed at $30.76 on a volume of 13.9million shares. Here is the latest update on the company.

The top brass of Twitter is looking for options to add an edit button. The new features allow users to edit old tweets or remove misleading or controversial information.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, said the company plans to add the most sought edit button soon allowing users to change their tweets. He revealed the plan in San Francisco at a Goldman Sachs event on Thursday. The Edit button allows the users to add new information with no change to the original content. The users can issue a clarification to add color already to give a new look.

New Edit button creates confusion

Some feel that adding an edit button could create confusion when a user removes or edit widely circulated information. The new feature would soon a reality and provides relief for celebrities.

Kim Kadarshian requests Twitter to add an edit feature

Kim Kadarshian, a famous reality TV star, persuaded Jack Dorsey in June 2018 for a new feature to retweet or changed the tweets. It is also on the backdrop of a host of requests from Twitter users. She had a conversation with Jack this weekend at the birthday event of Kanye, and he considered the request to introduce the edit button.

Beau Solan, a Twitter user, reacting to the tweet of Kim pointed out that the new feature has its flaws. He said the entire purpose of the tweets goes waste with introducing Edit button. It allows the people to twist their words or change the past conversations. However, Jack clarified that users could not retweet the original content. The users can only give clarifications to old tweets.

Twitter considers a new look

Twitter plans new features to look like a messaging service in real time. The company is looking to add a messaging like feature 13 years after its launch on the tech scene as a text message-based network on social media. The Vice President (Product) of Twitter, Keith Coleman said the social network plans to unveil a new product that could change the look. The social network would introduce indications, chat bubbles, and status updates are showing you are replying or online.

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