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Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) To Test An Upcoming Feature That Enhances Conversions With Users

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has announced that in the coming days they are launching a new feature that improves conversations of users in their site. They made the revelation in an interview with Engadget during the CES 2019, and the new features include status update showing when you are online.

Who can test the feature?

The company plans to test the new program in the next few weeks, and Twitter is letting users apply to be part of it.

Although all Twitter users are eligible to apply to test it, only a few thousand users are going to be selected to take part in the process.

If you get selected into the beta program, you are expected to provide feedback to Twitter on the features you have tested to ascertain what is working and what is not before rolling it the new features for the rest of the users.

Twitter will then review the feedback and ascertain whether the features are going to be implemented or not.

Jack Dorsey the CEO indicated that they are focused on bringing health conversations on the site by following the way staples such as @mentions and hashtags were built and continue in the same way.

Over the past year, Twitter has worked on transparency by giving updates about products they are developing through tweets and the CEO indicates that it is an effort to get constant feedback from their users.

What will the new changes achieve?

The changes that Twitter is making are part of their initiative to bolster positive interactions among their users as well as reduce incidences of abuses and hate speech on the platform.

However, the new features will not directly address harassment but they nonetheless provide a context that promotes friendlier user interactions.

Twitter product management director, Sara Haider, indicated that they are developing the features for people to use and they saw it best to involve people and since Twitter is a platform for people to interact then it would be better to involve people in the development process.

It is however not clear when exactly the testing of the features will begin.

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