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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Transforming How We Consume Sport By Enabling Real Live Interactions On Match Day

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is changing how we watch sports especially major sporting events such as the Super Bowl. Speaking on how the platform is transforming sports TJ Adeshola the Head of Sports at twitter indicated they are looking for ways of providing users with a fantastic experience.

Use of Twitter has grown in football with the 2018 Super Bowl contenders Rams and Patriots going viral on multiple occasions.

Transforming how we interact during sports

According to TJ Adeshola, Twitter is becoming a global sports bar where you meet and interact with your friends even if you are not seated beside them. It gives you a different experience where you are watching the game, but at the same time, you are on your mobile device checking the memes and what people think about the game. It gives a perfect complement of what is happening on your screen.

Changes helping people consume sports through twitter

People are more accustomed to direct access, and Twitter provides just that by allowing fans to interact in real time with friends, athletes, and sports journalists among others. It gives a level of connectivity that has never existed before and real-time interaction content consumption that Twitter has been working on to ensure users get a super experience.

Twitter has been effective for players and the league, and as a result, the company has had meetings with team, players, agents and NFL players association on how Twitter can be a useful communication tool. With just a few keystrokes they can instantly reach a large number of people. Adeshola indicates that the discussions they have had with stakeholders have been positive and most of them are embracing Twitter.

Tom Brady got over 3 million mentions last season but doesn’t have an account. Twitter is pushing for sports streaming rights which they consider as the next frontier for the company. The company wants to create an experience for fans in one device which enhances what viewers see. There are exploratory discussions with partners such as NFL to live stream games, and Twitter continues to challenge itself to offer more to their fans.

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