UTStarcom Holdings Corp., (NASDAQ:UTSI) Hits A New Milestone With The Launch Of A Network Synchronisation Device

During 2018’s International Timing & Sync Forum (ITSF) event, UTStarcom Holdings unveiled a network synchronizer targeting telecommunications companies. The SyncRing XGM30 is the latest in the SyncRing family if of synchronizers that are IP65-compliant. Notably, the device uses a hybrid of both satellite and terrestrial networks to function; however, the GNSS satellite signal acts as the primary time reference.

XGM30 is cost-effective

According to UTStarcom, the device incorporates support for SyncE and PTP IEEE 1588-2008 (1588V2) technologies. Notably, it uses the technologies to deliver accurate time synchronization and frequency. Interestingly, XGM30 is built for applications that require synchronized frequency as well as time and phase. As such, mobile operators can cost-effectively operate heavy-duty networks like 5G and LTE.

In addition to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, XGM30 supports various installation options that farther make it handy. This includes a set of properties that make the devices highly accurate and reliable. Notably, the devices have a multi-channel reception based on concurrent multi-GNSS technology.

Further, the double-oven OCXO adds the level of precision of its capability as well as optical Ethernet ports. Additional features for comprehensive management and monitoring of processes make the device highly reliable. These include a centralized network management dashboard as well as the ability to manage the network via mobile applications.

Connecting India to the internet

Interestingly, the reports came just before the company won contracts for Wi-Fi related projects in India. In the first instance, UTStarcom will assist Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to provide high-speed internet connection to remote village clusters. Notably, the project hopes to accomplish the provision of the data services to at least 1,000 clusters. In particular, the project will deliver a “modern broadband internet access.”

Similarly, UTStarcom will provide all the necessary Wi-Fi infrastructure in another project aiming to install a public hotspot network that will serve vast areas of India. This is a joint effort with ITI Limited which is under full government control and manufactures telecommunications equipment for the country. Through BSNL, the two companies will install 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the areas under focus. Notably, the two projects are part of the broader agenda by the government to give all of India an internet connection.

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