Velodyne Lidar Inc (NASDAQ: VLDR) Opens India Design Hub in Bangalore

Velodyne Lidar Inc (NASDAQ: VLDR) announced its new India Design Hub presentation in Bangalore. The hub advances Velodyne’s evolution strategy to drive constant novelty in lidar feeler and software solutions that alter lives by progressing innocuous flexibility and intelligent groups in global markets.

Center Advances Its Hyper-Focus on Sensor and Software Innovation 

The India Design Center will thoroughly cooperate with Velodyne’s San Jose, Calif.-based manufacturing team in leading-edge exploration and improvement to shape customer-focused solutions. The hub’s Bangalore location sites Velodyne to tap into a rich flair ecosystem with know-how in evolving automotive-grade produces that gage to meet customer requirements worldwide. It will permit Velodyne to collaborate with the many automotive development centers built in India closely.

The India Design Center is vigorously absorbed in developing its engineering aptitude side in hardware, FPGA, entrenched software, board design, schemes engineering, ASIC, perception software, functional safety, cybersecurity, and other adjacent areas. The center will be managed by Parthasarathy Narasimhan, who has joined Velodyne as Vice President of Engineering and Managing Director of the India Design Center. Mr. Narasimhan brings deep knowledge in constructing and ascending design sides across numerous engineering clusters, including most freshly at Open-Silicon.

Center to also foster customer and partner opportunities

In addition to investigation and development, the center will nurture client and partner openings in India for lidar-based resolutions in motorized and new flexibility. Velodyne has a robust emphasis on permitting safer flexibility to save and prevent wrongs for all road operators, including automobiles, walkers, and bicyclists. Velodyne’s lidar devices and software provide vital know-how for a diversity of motorized, manufacturing, and intelligent substructure explanations.

“Velodyne’s lidar-based device and software answers are the facilitator for radical independence and enhanced security that are renovating a variety of industries,” said Anand Gopalan, Chief Executive Officer, Velodyne Lidar. “Initiating our India Design Center will permit us to employ top manufacturing talent that will supplement our world-class team in San Jose and help us spur non-stop novelty. I am also motivated about the opportunity of transporting lidar-based security and mechanization to the Indian marketplace and highways.”

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