Verint Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) Extends Leadership in Workforce Management with Launch of AI-Powered Intelligent Interviewing

Verint Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today proclaimed that it had extended its Workforce Management (WFM) contribution with influential Intelligent Interviewing competencies via the attainment of know-how from HireIQ, a verified leader in employment computerization. 

The assimilated expertise mechanizes the applicant assessment development and powers AI to examine responses to conversation queries, providing visions to help appointment executives make more knowledgeable choices.

Cloud Resolution Alters Hiring with AI-Driven Applicant Screening for Enhanced Appointment Capabilities

Verint Intelligent Interviewing will be a portion of Verint WFM and accessible through the Verint Cloud Platform. Verint WFM delivers tactical forecasting competencies that permit organizations to govern their reserve wants and seize cyclical variations in the request using refined reversion studies. 

Verint WFM offers commendations about optimally hiring, conferring to exact abilities, and mandatory workforce. Currently, with Intelligent Interviewing, Verint WFM also rationalizes the procedure of engagement resources.

To meet the tests of today’s extremely cutthroat employment market, we must reimagine old-style dialog and assessment procedures to upsurge acquisition realization rates and holding rates. Digitizing and mechanizing dire rudiments of the signing process is authoritative to provision the new-fangled ‘work from home’ truth of both applicants and appointment executives.

Verint Intelligent Interviewing advances engagement results for companies with candidates

With Verint Intelligent Interviewing, administrations can raise candidate class and client appointment, hasten speed-to-hire and augment employee preservation through automatic, analytics-driven applicant selection to decrease the danger of misfiring for establishments and applicants. Verint Intelligent Interviewing advances engagement results by finding candidates most expected to be long-tenured, highly accomplished, interested, and involved, plummeting abrasion and snowballing presence.

“The signing procedure is serious to shape long-standing, actual relations with staffs. It is key to the selection of applicants who are the best fit for the business – technologically and socially – to transport extraordinary client commitment,” says Verint’s David Singer, vice president, go-to-market strategy. “Intelligent Interviewing is a regular accompaniment with Verint Workforce Management to spread calculated development from idea to implementation − with Verint.” 

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