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Verizon communication (NYSE:VZ) Expands Its mmWave Connectivity with the launch of “5G UW”

Verizon communication (NYSE:VZ) launched its nationwide 5G in sync with the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 has a new “5G UW” logo, which is different from AT&T‘s (NYSE:T) 5G E.

iPhone 12 users to enjoy fast “5G UW” network in select areas

Smartphones with 5G capability have been dubbed to be better than the current generation device. Carriers have hyped the latest generation network to deliver enhanced speeds. According to carriers, one can download a movie in just a matter of seconds. The recent launch of the iPhone 12 included four 5G phones. Users in some of the small areas supporting Verizon’s mmWave 5G will see the “5G UW” logo. Verizon lags to AT&T in terms of 5G availability with just 3.5% compared to AT&T’s 28.5% and T-Mobile’s (NYSE:TMUS) 54.2% nationwide coverage.

The new generation 5G network is called mmWave, a radio technology that allows the carrier to offer connectivity at a higher-frequency mmWave spectrum but has limited reach. Although transmission is faster with this ultrafast 5G network, the signals can only travel short distances and don’t penetrate obstacles. The focus now is deploying the network in spaces such as outdoor amphitheaters and stadiums.

“5G UW” will be available in limited places

The “5G UW” will be faster compared to low-band 5G, but Verizon will offer it in select cities and arrests where it can deliver an undisrupted and consistent signal. The company revealed the new iOS-specific logo in an ad that features Chris Rock touting the carriers as the iPhone maker’s dedicated partner in the launch of the first 5G smartphones. Users who will be in areas where Verizon offers standard 5G will see the normal 5G logo.

Hans Vetsberg, the CEO of Verizon, was in attendance during the virtual iPhone 12 reveal event where the company used the event in promoting the big expansion of 5G network coverage nationwide. The rollout helps Verizon to be competitive with other carriers that have already launched various levels of 5G, with Verizon only stuck with is limited but fast mmWave coverage.

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