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Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ) Expands 5G Ultra Wideband Service To Additional Arenas: Enters Multi-year Agreements With 15 NBA Teams To Provide 5G Services Exclusively

Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ) signed multi-year accords with 15 NBA teams to provide exclusive 5G services. The company extended its 5G ultra wideband services in 14 additional regions. 

5G enabled stadiums at over 60

Verizon increased 5G-enabled stadiums to over 60. The company also offers 5G at 11 airports and parts of 70 cities. 

The fans can enjoy an immersive experience with Verizon’s speed/ latency of 5G services. They can get the details like real-time information and live stats of their favorite players by just pointing the phone at them. 

Arenas also equipped with next-generation solutions to provide access, manage crowds, and ensure public safety.

Brian Mecum of Verizon said fans could reimagine that operations are accelerated and enjoy the innovative experience when they return to the live events.

Unveils a device to track high-value equipment

Verizon Connect unveiled an innovative device to track/ manage high-value machinery. It is beneficial for businesses that deploy and maintain high-value equipment/ machinery in the field. 

The new device allows such businesses to monitor the location, status, and productivity remotely. Verizon Connect device is a discreet and sleek tracking solution that can be self-installed and managed. 

Businesses can prevent theft of their high-value equipment using this innovative solution besides billing and reducing downtime. Long durable, and replaceable batteries are utilized in this solution for easy maintenance and operation. 

The new devices help the businesses track the location of the storage containers, trailers, generators, and other equipment and manage them remotely. Verizon Connect’s Director (global product management), Erin Cave, said the businesses invest large sums in installing high-value equipment at sites. They can utilize this sleek, hard-to-detect, and easy to install solution to improve utilization, reduce theft chances, and safeguard their investments and installations.

The new device will benefit transportation, construction, and logistics businesses. It allows efficient managing of people, fleet vehicles, jobs, and assets with a single software. 

Skyward launches Pix4D powered mapping and modeling

Verizon’s Skyward introduced Pix4D powered modeling and mapping service. It allows the customers to convert their drone data into 3D models and 2D maps. 

President of Skyward, Mariah Scott, said it offers tools for the customers to plan and receive approvals and fly within the controlled airspace. 

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