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Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) Expanding 5G Home Internet To Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, And San Jose

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has continued to expand its 5G Home Internet, and as of November 5, residents of Dallas, Denver, San Jose, and Atlanta will begin enjoying the fast internet service. With the addition of the four new markets, the 5G service will now be available in 12 new markets.

5G Home Internet can reach speeds of 1Gbps

The expansion of the 5G Home Internet comes at the back of the historic 5G Ultra Wideband expansion in 19 stadiums, six airports, and 19 additional cities alongside the Nationwide 5G launch. It is unclear on the exact locations where it has expanded to in each city, but the company allows people to check on its website if their addresses are supported.

The 5G Home offering is similar to the 5G networks services, and it utilizes the millimeterWave network. It is a high-frequency 5G version that offers a download speed of above 1 Gbps but with a limited range compared to conventional low-frequency wireless networks. Verizon says that customers can expect download speeds of 300Mbps with peaks of around 1Gbps from the 5G Home service.

Verizon offering alternative home connectivity

Frank Boulben, Verizon’s Consumer Marketing and Products SVP, said that the company continues to lead the industry with its unprecedented 5G Ultra Wideband network speeds. He said that by expanding and deploying the 5G Home to other cities, the company is offering consumers alternatives when it comes to home connectivity, which is important in these challenging times. The home internet is one of a kind, and it is ideal for individuals working from home, streaming shows, or even those learning from home.

The company is offering the service at $50 per month for its customers, and non-customers can enjoy the offering at $70 per month with no hidden fees. Verizon emphasizes that there will be no annual contract for 5G Home Internet, no bill increases, and no data caps. Consumers can set up the home internet on their own through innovative novel hardware with augmented reality.

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