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Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) Moves Closer To Next Generation Wireless Connectivity By Testing Edge Computing On Live 5G Network

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) lost another 0.93% in the last trading session to close at $54.04 after consecutive falls in the past few trading session. Here is one good news that might help boost the stock price.

Verizon has indicated that they have been successful in testing edge computing on live 5G network reducing latency by half. Computer power is moving closer to users at a network’s edge with low latency where the time it will take information to take a round trip will significantly reduce. It is a significant step for online applications such as video gaming and streaming, and it will be a game changer for emerging next-generation wireless experiences.

Multi-access Edge Computer platform

Verizon has formed a new 5G test bed in Houston where its engineers have put in place Multi-access Edge Computer equipment and platform in a facility that near the network edge which significantly decreases the time information takes to move between the computer infrastructure and the wireless device with which the apps of the device are interacting.

Engineers employed Automated Intelligence in a facial recognition application for the test to identify people. The MEC platform analyzed information at the network edge by using an application rather than having multiple hops connecting to the closest centralized center. Engineers realized that they were able to identify individuals at half the time it took in a duplicated test using a centralized data center. The cutting of latency by half will decrease the time taken to deliver which is very vital to the Verizon Intelligent Edge Network.

Verizon’s SVP for Network Planning, Adam Koeppe, said that low latency applications are no longer practical as the next generation of data processing and management requires to be closer to the users. He added that the MEC platform takes processing, storage and management of data next to the network’s edge thus reducing latency which will enable new technologies.

Importance of latency

With rolling out of 5G wireless application dependent on low latency are likely to increase. Virtual Reality requires accurate syncing of video streams regardless of the movements of the user, and it doesn’t need any lags. Low latency will be very vital for next-generation innovations such as controlled robots and self-driving cars that require near-zero latency. The MEC will benefit industrial automation, video gaming as well as analytics.

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