View Inc (NASDAQ: VIEW) Signs Deal To Acquire Iotium

View Inc (NASDAQ: VIEW) has signed a deal to acquire a company focusing on software-defined IoT networks called IoTium. It happens to be one of the top performers in smart windows and smart building platforms and seems rather happy with its latest acquisition. It describes IoTium as a company with easy-to-deploy solutions that simplify matters a great deal for building owners.

IoTium’s solutions and their significance

It says that most building owners move fast towards the achievement of enterprise-grade security and slash down costs by relying on  IoTium’s solutions. The other impressive attributes have to do with gaining real-time visibility in the different segments.

The  Chief Product Officer at View Nitesh Trikha opines, “IoTium’s edge-cloud solution makes the deployment process even easier, especially in existing buildings with legacy networks and systems. It is the most reliable, easiest-to-deploy and most economical solution to implement enterprise-grade security and a converged edge infrastructure in buildings.”

Trikha speaks out on the role IoTium has been playing in helping boost the digital transformation of real estate and looks forward to better times ahead.

The close link between service delivery and the real estate segment

Most of the real estate segment persons continue to acknowledge the significant role that technology continues to play. It is the reason they continue investing in strategies geared towards making their existing buildings secure and smart.

However, real estate owners confess some of the challenges that they continue to face. They feel challenged by huge upfront investments required to achieve the best-converged connectivity and outstanding in-class security in upgrading legacy networks. Many building owners and tenants continue facing many security threats, but IoTium has remained dedicated to solving the dilemma. 

The co-founder & CEO of IoTium, Dhawal Tyagi, supports the decision to join View. He believes that View has a good motion that seeks to transform the human experience in buildings. It also happens to be an experience with the capacity to mitigate climate change.

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