Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: VRPX) Product Pipeline Progress Update

Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: VRPX) aims to become a clinical-stage company as fast as possible. After getting listed in February 2021, the company provides updates or progress on its product pipeline.

Working on its goal: Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: VRPX) is steadily working to become a clinical-stage company shortly. Virpax is utilizing the grants to fund the product development wherever appropriate, thereby preserving its cash. The company is developing certain products and has refined some of its product formulations in the recent past, which Virpax believes will significantly extend and improve patent life. NASDAQ: VRPX has begun the initial IND (Investigational New Drug Application) on its existing programs. In the recent past has submitted the pre-IND report to the FDA (The U.S Food and Drug Administration) for MMSO19 – intranasal molecular masking spray.

Product pipeline: For osteoarthritis pain of the knee indication, the company plans to take a phase I trial to evaluate its product and safety compared to Pennasid topical solution. Besides this, Virpax’s Epoladerm is currently being evaluated on two indicators – chronic osteoarthritis of the knee pain and acute musculoskeletal pain. Upon successful trial, the company is expected to submit the IND application to FDA. Virapx’s Probudur product, has been delayed to enhance the formulation of the product and increase the stability of the manufacturing process. Envelta is a spray for acute and chronic pain (Associated with cancer as well). As per the company, IND enabling studies on the product are performed under CRADA. On Envelta, the company said it plans to study these trials for two more potential indications like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Cancer Pain. The final product is MMSO10, which is an intranasal molecular masking spray.

Given the strong product pipeline, the management indicated a vast opportunity for the company in the future.

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