Vivos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: VVOS) Satisfactory Result From OSA

Vivos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: VVOS) focused on developing innovative diagnostic treatments and announced that the company’s latest innovation (drug) for treating dental tissue anomalies and dentofacial malformation shows the efficacy for the treatment OSA.

Satisfactory outcome: Independent study by The EyeDeas Company on the patients’ survey, indicated that 97 percent (123 patients surveyed residing in multiple markets in the U.S.) of the patient achieved the desired outcome from Vivos treatment OSA. It further stated nearly half of the patients relied on the advice given by their dentist to find a solution to address the root cause. As per Vivos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: VVOS), the current treatment reaffirms that patients are looking for alternatives to their treatment that are non-invasive, non-surgical, and cost-effective. Given that the majority of the patient reported that they got the desired result, which they were looking for from the treatment, it is a most potent milestone for any pharmaceutical company about their results and boosts morale for further innovative developments.

Patients are crucial to the success of any new treatment: The patient survey and their feedback are crucial to success. Following the treatment, the patient felt a sharp reduction in OSA and related symptoms, as their satisfaction and compliance rates as per CPAP remain negligible. Vivos Therapeutics indicated that various studies in the market show that around 30 to 60 percent CPAP adherence, when left untreated for OSA, can result in chronic comorbidities, some of which can be life-threatening as well.

In contrast, the treatment provided by Vivos typically got completed in nearly 12 to 24 months. Following, patients don’t require ongoing intervention, which is a significant milestone for Vivo Therapeutics. In addition, the company’s integrated practice (VIP) program offers training to the dentist and other services that the practices benefit from in connection with the system.

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