Vonage Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: VG) Recognition For The Second Consecutive Year

Vonage Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: VG) is a critical player in cloud communication which helps various businesses to accelerate or fast-track their digital transformation.

Second Consecutive Award from Salesforce: Vonage Holdings Corp., Vonage Contact Center provides solutions to integrate or connect all the communication channels in a cost-effective manner without interrupting hardware changes and can be used directly in a company’s Salesforce platform. The platform enables the Vonage customers (small to large-sized businesses) to perform more effectively, make a seamless connection, and also help the business to increase their expertise to serve the customers better. The award by recognises Vonage’s expertise and domain knowledge in serving Salesforce not for profit business in an innovative way and giving back to society. The awards indicate that Vonage can effectively provide their services to non-profit organisations and help them create a strong relationship with their stakeholders in the most effective way and have personalised feelings. Given the platform service provider, the company is named a winner of its 2021 Cross-Industry ISV (Independent Service Vendor) of 2021 EMEA award. This is the second consecutive year wherein the company has bagged the prestigious for helping the non-profit organisation to serve their stakeholders in a most effective and cost-efficient manner.

A non-Profit organisation to communicate with the stakeholders more effectively: As per the Vonage management, any company with a non-profit organisation motto can use the Salesforce platform developed through Vonage Contact Center effectively. The said platform will help the organisation to communicate with its stakeholders seamlessly and operate the office from any place smoothly, thereby ensuring business operations continuity by providing colossal flexibility. Vonage Holding Corp. provides its services from its offices located in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

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