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Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) Receives Multiple Awards In For Its Proprietary Vonage Business Cloud (VBC)

Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) proprietary business cloud communication platform Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) has continued to furnish the company’s reputation besides earning it enormous revenue over the past quarters.

Vonage Wins in 2 categories

Vonage Holdings recently bagged the Enterprise VoIP Company of the Year together with the Mobile Breakthrough Award for its futuristic Vonage Business Cloud platform. VBC is built on the company’s solid unified communication and programmable communication solutions to create a tailor-made communication platform for the mobile workforce and customers.

The Mobile Breakthrough Awards is a public platform acknowledging notable achievements in mobile and wireless technologies. Vonage developers recently revamped the VBC Mobile App adding to it more interactive features to cater to the needs of the modern workforce- particularly mobility.

The refurbished Mobile App now allows users to carry out real-time conversations with customers from literally anywhere. With unlimited mobility, users can increase their productivity and increase their customer and stakeholder circles with utmost ease. The app is designed to integrate effortlessly with key existing VBC features to deliver a blissful user experience.

As Ron Maayan, VP Product Management for Voyage reveals, the VBC service was designed to go beyond the limitations of location and device. Evidently, this goal has been achieved considering the service can be accessed from anywhere around the globe via PC or Mobile. Mr. Maayan further adds that the platform is equipped with all the tools a user would require to be productive.

Vonage Honored Again

As if to reaffirm its leadership in the programmable communications solutions, Vonage went ahead to scoop the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award. Additionally, Jo Ann Tizzano, the company’s Vice President of Corporate Communication was honored with the 2018 Aragon Research Women Technology Award.

Vonage Holdings emerged top in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) category. The award honors operators developing technological solutions that adapt with the rapidly changing market climate as well as informing on inherent market evolution.

Vonage was recognized for its remarkable ability to provide cutting-edge programmable communications solutions through Nexmo. Nexmo is Vonage’s API platform that through effective communication enhances businesses’ performances. Vonage showcased a one of a kind ability to marry critical technologies to provide an interactive real-time communication via Video, text, social chat and voice between users and customers.

Like Omar Javaid, the company’s chief Product officer puts it, “Programmable, intelligent communications enable enterprises to improve the ways they engage with their customers in real time through their preferred channels – whether that’s video, SMS, social chat, or voice.”


As evidenced by the multiple awards, it is clear that the company prides a solid product line. The awarded products among others contributed to the company’s year over year revenue of $262 million.

The revenue slightly came short of consensus estimate of $264 million although it represented a 3% increase from last year’s earnings for the same period. It is for the first time in four years that the company fell short of its revenue projection, perhaps the reason its stock shrank 13% upon release of the Q3 earnings.

The recently ended trading period saw outstanding trading volumes for Vonage Holdings’ stock. However, the stock closed at a 12-month low of $8.97 despite registering an impressive trading volume of over 2.1 million shares during the session. The company scored a market valuation of $2.18 billion with a debt to equity ratio of 0.37. Despite plunging trading numbers, the company maintains a healthy balance sheet and a reasonably favorable consensus rating.


With a reputable product line and a sound balance sheet, the company needed visionary leadership and as such appointed Mario DeRiggi as the SVP of national Channel sales. Mario joins Vonage Holdings with over 25 years of experience in sales channels and programs for the business cloud solution. Mario has a decorated resume having worked with major brands over the years including AT&T.

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