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Western Digital Corp (NASDAQ:WDC) Adds Two Futuristic Data Storage Devices leveraging on its Signature 3D NAND Technology

Western Digital Corp (NASDAQ:WDC) continues to augment its product portfolio with new offerings. The hard disk drive manufacturer recently added two new products– Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 NVMe SSD and the Western Digital CL SN720 NVMe SSD to its vast portfolio. Even so, the company’s stock lost 3.55% value to close the day at a disappointing $50.74. Its market value also took a beating, resigning to $14.76 billion during the recently ended business session.

Built on Company’s Proprietary Technologies

The new offerings are anchored on Western Digital’s in house technologies centered on vertical integration capabilities including its proprietary controller and firmware models, and 64-layer 3D NAND technology.

The two products are meant to replace the company’s low-performance product- the SATA SSDs. The new products are designed to meet sought after the need for general performance, scalability, endurance and most of all, a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Addressing IT Managers’ Challenges

The designing team looked to mitigate the challenges- of managing a variety of workloads, scoring an optimal Total Cost of Ownership and managing server sprawl- facing IT managers. The new products are quickly becoming users’ favorites due to their scalability and high performance.

Eyal Bek, Vice President, Data Center and Cloud Computing Devices at Western Digital notes that performance, cost, and endurance are essential features clients look for in storage devices. He adds that “the Ultrastar DC SN630 SSD and Western Digital CL SN720 SSD, both of which leverage our internally developed SSD architectures and 3D NAND, can help our customers step up from SATA to NVMe performance as they position their data centers for the future.”

Among the individuals that have already given the two products, a positive review is Lee Caswell, vice president Products, storage, and Availability VMware.  Mr. Caswell asserts that the product’s fusion of Western Digital’s proven technologies enhances TCO and productivity for clients seeking to develop new architectures.

The CL SN720 is ready for shipping while the Ultra DC SN630 SSD is available for sampling to select customers and availability to the public will be in April.

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