What Do You Need to Know About MMAT, OSAT, DOYU, CEI Today?

Four stock we talk about today are-

Meta Materials Inc (NASDAQ: MMAT) sinks 19.33%

Meta Materials Inc (NASDAQ: MMAT) tanked 19.33% yesterday and exited at $5.80. The stock is trading at $5.89 in the pre-market today, up 1.55%, collecting 0.090 in a day. 116 K shares were trading in the market yesterday at the end of the day, compared with its average trading volume of 32.32 million shares. The market capitalization of this stock is $1.65 billion. Founded in 1987, the company has its headquarters in Texas, United States. The stock is seen as a red hot product for the portfolio at the present time. 

Orbsat Corp (NASDAQ: OSAT) drops on Wednesday’s trading session

Orbsat Corp (NASDAQ: OSAT) plunged 10.83% to close at $7.49 after moving through the range of $6.46 – $8.29. The 52-week range of this stock is $3.90 – $27.50. There were 29K shares exchanged in the market yesterday against its average trading volume of 3.69 million shares. The market capitalization of the company comes at $9.25 million. The company runs from its Florida headquarters. 

DouYu International Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: DOYU) remains bearish 

Continuing its dry spell from the last five days, DOYU has tanked 22.75% over the week. Yesterday, it dropped 0.90% and exited at $5.50. In the pre-market today, the stock is trading at $5.37. On Wednesday, the stock moved within the range of $5.48 – $6.10, while its yearly range is $5.48 – $20.54. Headquartered in China, the P/E ratio of this company is 74.43. The large-cap company was founded in 2014 and had a market capitalization of $1.78 billion. 

Camber Energy Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: CEI) remains downtrend through the month

All through June, CEI has remained 17.14% down. In the previous week, the stock tanked 7.94% to exit at $0.58 after moving in the day range of $0.57 – $0.65. The yearly range of this stock is $0.46 – $3.10. The stock saw a heavy volume of 1.3 million shares exchanged yesterday compared with its average trading volume of 13.61 million shares. 

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