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What Happened to BB, BBD, ASTR, ANY Yesterday?

We’re discussing a combination of large-cap and mid-cap stocks on the market in this article. 

BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE: BB) sinks 5.22%

BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE: BB) had remained a buzz among the corporates for a long time, so much so that the stock became popular among the investors. However, yesterday the cybersecurity company stock dropped 5.22% to close at $11.44 after running through $11.37 – $12.14. The stock is trading much below its 52-week high of $28.77, while its 52-week low is $4.37. 69K shares were trading in the market yesterday against its average volume of 79.24K shares. 

Banco Bradesco remains bearish on Wednesday

The Brazilian financial services company Banco Bradesco ADR Reptg 1 Pref Shs (NYSE: BBD) is a large-cap company with a market capitalization of $40.79 billion. The stock rose 0.11% yesterday to close at $4.69 after trading in the range of $4.62 – $4.76. Its yearly range is $3.05 – $5.70. This is Brazil’s third-largest banking institution, and has its headquarters in Osasco, Sao Paulo. The company’s Q1-21 revenue was reported at $21.92 billion, indicating a 665.89% surge from a year before. 

Astra Space Inc (NASDAQ: ASTR) runs bullish yesterday

ASTR was on a bullish run yesterday as it jumped 9.06% to close at $13.60 after moving in the range of $12.66 – $14.20. The yearly range of this stock is $9.53 – $22.47. There were 28K shares exchanged in the trading session yesterday against its average volume of 2.04 K shares. The company has a market capitalization of $3.46 billion. The Alameda, California-based launch vehicle company had $19.96 million of net income in Q1-2021, down 66.62% from a year before. 

Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ: ANY) remains active throughout the day

Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ: ANY), based in Ontario, Canada, was down 2.03% yesterday and exited the market at $2.90. In today’s pre-trade, nevertheless, the stock surged 1.38% and is trading at $2.94. Over the last five days, ANY has remained bullish with a 3.20% gain. Its bullish run continued from the month where it remained up 60.22%. 

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