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Windstream Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) Targets More Businesses With High-Speed Internet Services As The Firm Bags 2018 Friend of the Channel Award

Late last year, Windstream Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) spun off EarthLink, a company it had merged within 2017. Notably, the firm is using the $330 million from the deal to execute growth strategies in the line of service expansion. In particular, the firm is taking its Kinetic fiber internet services closer to businesses.

Build out to complete in Q1 2019

Notably, the firm uses fiber-optic lines to connect potential customers to the internet as opposed to the traditional copper wire connections. In this case, Windstream will run fiber optic cables directly into the business premises. As such, the targets will experience one of the fastest connection available in the market currently. Notably, users of the Kinetic GIG service will experience the same speeds for both downloads and uploads.

According to a statement, Windstream intends to connect up to 100,000 business across 18 states this year. To lay the groundwork for the service, the company is commencing a build out that will be the backbone of the service. Notably, the firm expects this build out to be complete before the first quarter elapses.

The services to benefit heavy internet consumers

Interestingly, the firm said it would give priority to SMB business that is heavy internet consumers. Further, this will be SMBs located in rural areas where internet connection is historically poor. Notably, this expansion also implies that the firm’s partners will be able to sell the high-speed internet to other businesses.

“Essentially what we’re doing is providing more services for existing partners within our distribution network to sell,” said Jeff Auman, a Senior VP at Windstream. “They now will have more to sell in fiber and DSL, and other services. We’re going to continue to evolve our Kinetic brand as we look at messaging and offers associated with it.”

With such a high-speed connection, customers will be able to carry out internet intensive tasks including cloud voice services. Further, customers will be able to video conference, share files and access High Definition content on the internet. Other businesses that will benefit from the services are those that require connection to complete point-of-sale transactions.

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