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Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) Inks An Acquisition Deal With Vader Systems In The Latest Enhancement Of 3-D Printing Technology

Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) closed the day at $29.83 on a volume of 3.1Million shares. Here is the latest update from the company.

With the increasing demand for innovative technology, the industry has continued to witness mergers and acquisitions. The most recent is the acquiring of Vader Systems by Xerox. Though each of them remained tight-lipped on the cost of the deal, they did indicate their excitement about the combination. It is agreeable to both of them that they will benefit from each other’s expertise and so are their customers.

Xerox is an Iconic printer and photocopier manufacturer. On the other hand, Vader Systems develops liquid metal Additive Manufacturing technology. The former has the expertise and the experience to enhance the growth of 3-D printing technology provided by Vader Systems. The company headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, states, “Manufacturing customers want to use 3D printing, but the current offerings only serve the prototyping market well, not broad manufacturing.”

Xerox is continuously looking for new ways to deliver more value

There is nothing much to write home about the acquisition given that the details are still very scanty. However, it is worth mentioning the access of Vader Systems’ home page is through a redirect link on Xerox’s page and particularly under Additive Manufacturing.

Meanwhile, Xerox’s software and material technologies are reportedly on another level. Thus, it is likely that they will deliver the expected product. In the recent past, the company made a vow to pursue new measures, which can help deliver more value to its customers. In any case, it has been receiving very strong applauds of appraisal from some of the major manufacturers.

The company’s page indicates its intention to take control of digital printing and 3D printing technologies. It will achieve this through the introduction of new tools and equipment in the market.

This is neither the first nor the last deal for Xerox

The company, which seeks to connect the world, by all means, is not yet done with acquiring new deals. It has established a working formula with Office Depot, Inc. This will involve the placement of thousands of its units in production facilities as well as retail stores. The new engagement will benefit both the retail and business customers as they seek to access 1,400 stores provided by Office Depot.

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