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Xilinx Technology (NASDAQ:XLNX) Announces That The Baidu Brain Edge AI Platform Will Get Powered By Xilinx

Xilinx Technology (NASDAQ:XLNX) has announced that the Baidu edge acceleration solution gets enabled by the Xilinx technology.  The EadgeBoard which is a turn-key solution is available and configured fully from Baidu. Equally, it can get customized and configured as an entity of Baidu Brain AI applications meant for delivery of market specific technologies that companies can deploy and adapt for their edge specific applications.

The Baidy Brain AI Hardware Platform

The platform is part of Baidu Brain AI capabilities open platform that encompasses their open computing ser5vicess as well as software and hardware solution for edge AI applications. The EdgeBoard works on Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoC that has the capability of integrating programmable logic with real-time processors.

It provides developers with unmatched system performance levels as well as flexibility. It can get scaled to allow developers to build quickly and make available in the market innovative AI solutions.

The benefit of the Xilinx MPSoC-based EdgeBoard

The EdgeBoard makes it easier to develop edge applications such as next-generation robots, development of smart-video surveillance solution as well as advanced-driver–assistance systems.

The Baidu AI Division General Manager, Youping Yu, stated that the company has been on the forefront in providing development support as well as adaptive chips. He added that their EdgeBoard based on Xilinx had been designed to enable engineers and developers to leverage the Baidu solutions or employ their models to enhance faster deployment.

The EdgeBoard is a perfect acceleration engine that will enable the Baidu Brain to serve the developers of Chinese edge AI broadly.

Speaking on the progress they have made, Xilinx corporate vice president for global sales, Freddy Engineer, indicated that the company was delighted to be chosen as the lead AI technology solution that will support the Baidu Brain AI Hardware Platform. He added that the vast and open ecosystems that are Baidu are building will accelerate innovation of edge AI in China. Similarly, the resulting solutions and products developed will significantly improve the way we live and work.

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