XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) and Rubicon Cooperate to Hasten Fleet Electrification in Waste and Reprocessing Business

XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) announced an agreement with Rubicon to bring XL Fleet’s contributions for fleet electrification to Rubicon’s system of waste and reprocessing hauler associates.

Agreement to allow XL Fleet to grow its customer base

It will permit XL Fleet to grow its client base by mutually approaching Rubicon’s extensive partner network with the Electrification-as-a-Service contribution. XL Fleet purposes of offering cross electric, plug-in cross, and all-electric resolutions, as well as transport charging substructure through its XL Grid branch. It will be a widespread, end-to-end contribution to Rubicon’s network of more than 7,000 vendor and hauler associates across the United States.

XL Fleet and Rubicon can meaningfully hasten fleet electrification in this space by plummeting upfront charges and difficulty. It also generates an opening for infrastructure stakeholders to deploy noteworthy capital into spotless automobile and charging substructure possessions.

XL Fleet is the front-runner in fleet electrification solutions

With over 150 million client miles driven and more than 4,300 units on the road, XL Fleet is the front-runner in fleet electrification solutions for Class 2-6 commercial and civic vehicles.

It devises to enlarge its product offering into weighty duty applications, including waste management. The company is thrilled to advance on its Electrification-as-a-Service submission and hasten the electrification of Rubicon’s grid of hauler associates.

“This partnership enlarges and advances our current determinations to exploit this rising opening. With the help of XL Fleet’s electrification contribution, Rubicon will be able to propose solutions to its network of hauler associates, and bring improved cost-efficiency, ease, and performance to their fleets.”

“We are dedicated to acquiring smart waste and reprocessing solutions for our clientele and associates. These associates are now progressively looking to electrify their fleets and drive palpable sustainability achievement in their trades and processes,” said David Rachelson, Chief Sustainability Officer at Rubicon.

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