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XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) Promotes the Isuzu NPR-HD Unveiling a Hybrid Electric Drive System Upfit

XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) disclosed information regarding the availability of its XL Hybrid electric drive system as an unfit solution for the new Isuzu NPR-HD. The XL Fleet’ considers the electrification system to be its newest product release, and it has outlined the various associated benefits. 

Focusing on the operational attributes

This electrification system makes it possible to electrify the most popular medium-duty low cab forward vehicles. In other words, they happen to be the kind of vehicles best suited for the most demanding applications such as beverage distribution, last-mile delivery, utility work, and foodservice. 

XL Hybrid system pulls along with some of the most desirable features, such as an electric motor, a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery, and control software. Thus, the XL Hybrid system is what it takes to transform the traditional gas-powered fleet vehicles into hybrid electric units. The beauty about the whole thing is that there won’t be any disruption to the fleet.

The NPR-HD happens to be the second Isuzu vehicle that XL Fleet admits it electrified. It had initially unveiled its hybrid system on the Isuzu Reach™ diesel walk-through van ordered by a package delivery customer back in 2015.

Leaders speak out

The Chief Executive Officer at XL Fleet, Dimitri Kazarinoff, opines, “XL Fleet is thrilled to be launching our hybrid platform on the NPR-HD and expanding our electrification portfolio with the latest high-performance fleet truck from Isuzu. We continue to expand our industry leading breadth of electrification offerings enabling our customers to address sustainability objectives today, not just someday in the future.”

The President of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Shaun Skinner, is quite pleased about XL Fleet’s decision to settle for their NPR-HD. It chooses it for the deployment of its hybrid-electric drive system.

Skinner applauds the various attributes of the NPR-HD, which include superior maneuverability and some other desirable attributes that will impress most of the fleet customers in the future.

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