XpresSpa Group Inc. (NASDAQ: XSPA) Surges 12.12 Following the Launch Of Treat™ Platform

XpresSpa Group Inc. (NASDAQ: XSPA) stock gained 12.12% after the company announced the launch of Treat™, which is a new travel brand providing access to integrated care services fitting seamlessly into health and wellness lifestyle. 

XpresSpa launch Treat platform 

Treat will operate as a wellness concierge, delivering medical care and wellness services to clients as they return to travel, empowering them to take a health-first approach to the journey ahead.

The company’s CEO Doug Satzman said that thrilled to announce the debut of Treat, a new lifestyle brand for travelers.  He said that with an emphasis on long-term wellness, the company excited to give its members the freedom to travel with the certainty thanks to their medical and wellness assistance. Notably, Treat is equipped with technology and personalized services for the post pandemic world to provide on-demand access to integrated healthcare. Satzman said that travelers will be able to arrange appointments in the company’s on-site airport wellness clinics as soon as they open, access health care, real-time information, and records all in one spot.

Treat platform to offer tailored services 

Original content, access to resources on global COVID-19 regulations, and customized e-commerce will be available on the Treat website ( Membership will be available in the summer and will include a mobile app subscriptions with access to comprehensive medical and wellness services in certain airports. Treat’s mobile app will give users access to on-demand virtual treatment, including video and chat, with access to test results and medical data.

Treat in-airport Wellness Centres will offer anxiety care, COVID-19 testing, vitamin IV therapies, travel immunizations, emergency medications, virtual wellness coaching, and mindfulness sessions. The quality  of the tailored health and wellness travel services will be exceptional, with a larger selection of brands and products available on the Treat website. 

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